Different day, same lunch


Vegan meals in hospital.
If I really insisted they would provide something better but I can get by, as the empty plate shows

This is apparently a chocolate sponge, not vegan and not eaten!

Being here has been quite something.
The patients are fascinating and the staff are simply wonderful. I could write so much about how it’s made me feel.
In just a few days I have seen so many ups and downs in people’s lives.

One thought on “Different day, same lunch

  1. …… and people are supposed to get healthy and well on these meals!!

    To be fair I have seen worse and this does look better than some of the school meals that have been shown on the tele recently. As long as it’s real mash it’s okay but a bit of onion gravy would have made it much yummier in my opinion.

    It’s a good job you are going home to proper, nourishing food soon, otherwise it would get very boring and very unhealthy pretty fast.

    I’m not passing any comments on the ‘brown splodge’ in the bowl……I really can’t think of anything that’s not totally disgusting to say about it 😉 Gillian McKeith has examined samples like this I believe on ‘You Are What You Eat’ !!

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