R M Nutrition


If you are looking to shop, cook and eat more healthily, make small changes, make big changes, find little or big ways to improve your diet, I can help.

The side effects could be that you manage you weight, improve concentration, mental fitness, physical fitness and endurance levels, alleviate symptoms and conditions, sleep better or simply feel better.


Food is essential…this is indisputable. But food is not simply about stopping hunger pangs. Food is the fuel our bodies need to function and bad fuel equals bad function.

A diet which provides all the nutrients a body needs will lead to better physical and mental health and performance. Our needs vary throughout our lives for many reasons…age, pregnancy, exercise, restricted diet, allergies and more, but with careful attention, all can be met.

But good health isn’t only about healthy eating…it’s also about exercise, sleep, lifestyle, contentment and attitude.

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You only live once…make it last!

 Rebecca M