If you were alone on a deserted island…

I wish I could have put it like this:

“If you were alone on a deserted island with a pig, would you eat the pig or starve?”

“Hmm. If you were not alone, living on a planet with 7 billion people, had access to unlimited fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and other healthy foods and knew animals suffer and die horrible deaths so you could eat them when you don’t need to eat them to survive, would you continue to eat them?

The difference between our questions is that your scenario will never happen and mine is the choice you face right now.

Which do you believe is worth answering?”

-Andrew Kirschner

and there’d be enough to feed the world!


Quinoa and summer fruits

I have no idea why I’ve not had this before

Quinoa (cooked), summer fruits (they were frozen, I spread a few on a plate and defrosted them in the
microwave for about 30 seconds) and hazelnut milk. It was blooming lovely.
Tomorrow I shall be having it with nuts and seeds.

Best vegan quiche…EVER!!!

I know I’m not posting enough here but please do bear with me.
I’m still struggling to re-establish a routine after kicking cancer in the butt but I’m getting there

DSC02702I came across this vegan quiche on The Gourmet Vegan.
It was so good I’ve already made it twice. The recipe is here

DSC02706It really is best if chilled overnight


and accompanied by a glass of this…the best alcohol free beer I have ever had. We first tried it when it was being handed out post-triathlon to the athletes. (I pinched some from an athlete…TB’s brother)

DSC02660I love this dried fruit. Totally pure, no additives or preservatives.
But do beware, it does still have a pretty high calorific value!