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Rebecca Masterman


I’m 57, an artist and Nutritionist & Health Coach. I have kicked cancer’s butt and have never felt better. When I reached fifty, my doctor told me I had the health and fitness of a thirty year old, which made me smile insanely and also made my cancer treatment a lot easier than it could have been. Now, part of this is down to the good genes inherited from my parents but I take full credit for the most part as I have always stuck to a well balanced, nutrient rich diet.

I have always believed in healthy eating and my interest in this, combined with my foundation in exercise and fitness, led me to study nutrition and its role in health, performance and weight management.


I have Levels 3, 4 & 5 Diplomas in Nutritional Studies
and a Level 5 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Rebecca Masterman
Dip Nutr ACNT





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