Sauteed broccoli

Tonight’s dinner was more of a light supper…sometimes it’s all we want.


Toasted baguette spread with vegan margarine and tomato puree then loaded with sauteed red onion, mushroom, courgette, celery, brussel sprouts, broccoli and sesame seed, sprinkled with vegan “parmesan” and put under the grill for a minute or so. And very nice it was, too!


Progress, eh?

I have a lovely wooden cookbook stand but this is a sign of the times.


IMG_2849    IMG_2850

I bought this butternut squash last summer. Yes, LAST summer! This morning I cut it open and was amazed to see it was still in pretty good shape. It’s been stored in a basket by a window, with the curtain drawn and is somewhat dry but not the rotten mess I expected. I won’t be using it, though.

Real bread, at last!


I used to make our bread, always two large loaves at a time but stopped when I realised we were eating the first loaf before it even cooled and the second was gone by the next day. On the left is a wholemeal and a slightly over-baked white loaf.



                                                                               On the right are a couple of better looking white loaves. It’s been a long while since I made my own and in that time I’ve been looking for a decent loaf to buy…and I’ve found it!




Here it is, a small wholemeal loaf from the bakery at Shrub & Grub. It’s tasty, just chewy enough and has no nasty ingredients…it’s soya free and vegan. Oh, and they deliver, good, huh?