Bake with Compassion 2012

I’m a realistic vegan. I would love it if we were all vegan but I know that will never happen. People will eat meat. So, if an animal is to give up its life for your plate please allow it a good and happy one for as long as possible.

To this end I support Compassion in World Farming who have just announced details of this years fund raising baking:

“Our free range fundraiser, Bake with Compassion, is returning for its fourth year and we are delighted to announce it will be running throughout the month of October. We want as many Compassionate Bakers as possible to get involved and make this a free-range month to remember!

The idea is simple: bake with higher welfare ingredients such as free-range eggs and organic dairy products, and then hold your very own cake sale, dinner party or bake-off!”

Click here for details



Lunch yesterday was a quickly assembled salad.

Mixed leaves, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, beetroot and orange. I always dribble (no drizzling here) the orange juice from the chopping board over the salad…it makes a great dressing with ground black pepper. Sometimes I sprinkle (see? I do sprinkling) a big handful of chick peas over this as well.

Again, dinner was skipped and I made an improvised ratatouille for supper. I had no courgettes and it was only simmered for about twenty minutes but it was still very good. I was little heavy handed with the cayenne though! I was short of time so stuck a bought naan under the grill for TB (not vegan as it contains milk). Not sure why I didn’t simply serve it with cous cous…that would have been a nicer combination and quicker than opening the naan packaging which was clearly designed to withstand nuclear fallout.

Waitrose Olive Ciabatta

Lunch yesterday was vegetable soup with Waitrose Olive Ciabatta.
This is different every time I make it as I chuck in whatever I have…although this time I forgot about the sweet potatoes cohabiting with the maris pipers in the potato bag. TB (my toyboy husband) said he didn’t find this particular one appetising to look at but did enjoy it. It did taste pretty darn amazing but I do see his point.

Dinner didn’t happen but we had supper. More Olive Ciabatta, toasted on the inside and filled with slices of grilled portabella mushroom, mixed leaves, chopped black olives, chopped capers and egg free mayo. It’s something I always like but somehow this time it was extra good. Maybe it was the novelty of sitting on the sofa watching “24” on DVD (eating away from the dining table is a rarity beyond rare in this house) or maybe it was the quality of the bread…or maybe the handsome young man sat beside me  ;o)

Tempura and Chips

Sometimes I crave chips and I like to have either just a bowl of chips or chips and tempura. Last night I went for the tempura option…mushrooms, aubergine, courgettes, asparagus, cauliflower and onion rings dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. Naughty but every now and then it’s oh so nice. I find tempura a good option as it doesn’t need to totally coat the vegetables and doesn’t fill up with oil.

Here are some chips I made earlier…last night’s were eaten before I could get a photograph…sorry!

Interestingly, I had previously char grilled the same vegetables (minus the cauliflower) along with red peppers and my husband’s 12 year old daughter wouldn’t touch them; his 8 year old son loved them. We had them in wraps with finely sliced spring onions, lettuce and egg free mayo. Once they were battered and fried she ate the lot, declaring how great they were.

The past few days have been really good (the chemotherapy treatment I’m having often shoos these away but it’ll all get better) and I have spent most of my time in the kitchen. I was able to shop in store (wowsers!) rather than online which meant I could choose vast amounts of vegetables and fruit. It was only Tesco but it was good to select each individual onion, carrot, leek, aubergine etc.

Having spent a couple of hours visiting the nearby farm shops, I’ve realised my local Tesco has more local produce.
Crazy, huh?

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