Sauerkraut Success

I have made sauerkraut!

Here it is on day one and day four.
I usually buy it in a jar and have a portion every day as it is a dairy free soya free probiotic and is seriously delicious.
Well, I had no idea home-made was even more so. Go me!



Last night I made Harissa Wraps…all the protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre
a body needs in perfect balance. Bit messy though!

Red onion, mushrooms, tiny plum tomatoes, greens, courgette noodles, sprouted chick peas, vegan Quorn, salt, pepper and four teaspoons of Harissa paste, stir fried and served in wholemeal wraps. Just the right spiciness  :o)

Frosty start…

It was cold and frosty this morning and perfect for creamy porridge…
slow release energy and full of beta glucan which lowers LDL (the not so good cholesterol)

I make mine with
water, a smidge of salt and quite thick. I then like to pour a little oat milk or oat cream over it, which seeps in and gives it a wonderful texture. Today I added blueberries (currently very well priced at Asda) and a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds to give me my omegas. (No flax for me as I avoid phytoestrogens)

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Pomegranate is so pretty

fr_158_size880.jpg fr_155_size880.jpg
and it tastes good! I like it in cereal

and salad but not so much in rice.

I’m told the juice is a “super food”
All wholefood is super food…processed food is not so super.
It’s really not rocket science.

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