Back and cooking (and knitting)…oh yes, baby!

Back in the land of the living and back in the kitchen…hooray!!!!!!

Last night’s dinner…

Cabbage and onion with chilli flakes

Simple vegetable curry
(Cumin, turmeric, ginger, chilli, coriander)

Dahl (cumin, garlic, onion) and rice with black eyed beans


And this morning’s brunch in progress!
(That’s not all mine; that’s the serving platter)

Right, back to my knitting xx

Mellow Fruitfulness

Autumn on a plate…

…’nuff said.

Actually, just saying a little more…
mini gem squash stuffed with quinoa, leeks and mushrooms
served with mashed celeriac, steamed cauliflower and kale and
roasted carrots, courgettes, peppers and potatoes…and onion gravy