Post tri dinner


Having got up at 4am for TB’s triathlon this morning (cereal bars for breakfast…I make a mean peanut and grain one)
lunch just didn’t happen. So we had an early dinner.


I often use pre-packed FRESH stir fry mixes when I know I won’t have time to prep and cook. We have them with rice noodles or cous cous or brown rice or bulgar wheat or whatever…  These mixes are also great to use as a base when I realise I do have time to cook as happened this evening. I added peanuts, green beans and Quorn (not vegan, although I hear the Quorn people are working on this) and cumin, turmeric, ginger, chilli and half a tin of chopped tomatoes. We had it with brown rice, Patak’s Brinjal Pickle and Eisberg Alcohol Free Cabernet Sauvignon…and man, was it good!

Sunday Lunch

Oh dear, catch up time again!

I can’t quite remember what was in this but looking closely at the picture I’m guessing it was brown rice, onions, greens, carrots, peanuts and bean sprouts. I’m pretty certain there would have been Five Spice, salt and pepper, too. I do know it was delicious.


This was today’s Sunday lunch. Quinoa, mushrooms, onions, walnuts, grated carrots, a smidge of garlic, seasoning and parsley…all wrapped in puff pastry (I love puff pastry and would happily forego the filling)


We had it with all the trimmings and onion gravy…all devoured with relish by TB and the children