Do you take sugar?

The safe daily limit for free sugar is:
4 – 6 years old: 5 cubes/teaspoons
7-10 years old: 6 cubes/teaspoons
11+ years: 7 cubes/teaspoons

FREE SUGAR is that which is added to food and drink.
(Intrinsic sugar is that which occurs naturally in fruit, milk etc.)


It is very easy to exceed the safe limits but perhaps an incentive to keep within them is the fact that the World Health Organisation would like sugar to be categorized alongside tobacco, the health risk is that great.



Exciting Times

Learning in my field never ends. Only now are the results being published of long term studies of a decent length, that is those covering twenty/thirty years and more. And some of the results are turning long held beliefs and facts on their head.

I am grateful to the people who allow themselves to be tested, prodded, poked, swabbed, weighed, put on treadmills, biopsied, filmed inside and out, starved, feasted, controlled, scrutinised and recorded. And to the institutes and societies who make this data available to each other as the advent of the internet has made the recording of the information fast and accurate, with cross referencing of data now taking minutes, not months or years.

There is more understanding of the mechanics of how what we eat determines how we are physically, mentally, emotionally. There is sound evidence that YOUR diet effects YOUR health today, tomorrow, in ten years and that of your CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN.

I find it all very exciting.