Simple exercises

Just twenty minutes a day of moderate walking will energise you and start to improve your fitness. Personally, I like to walk briskly for two miles at least four times a week using a figure of eight route which never takes me more than ten minutes away from home. I’m not one for getting too hot and sweaty so this works for me.

Below are a series of exercises which need no equipment…good, huh?


Although these are very simple figures, the form of each exercise is spot on.

Start with 3 – 6 repetitions of each exercise.
Week One: Choose three exercises to perform twice a week.
Week Two: Perform your three exercises three times a week.
Week Three: Add an extra exercise, stick with three times a week.
Week Four: Four exercises a day, three to four times a week.

Increase the number of repetitions and exercises you when you feel ready;
this is usually when they become easy. You have to exert yourself a little or you won’t be improving your strength, flexibility and endurance. Don’t exercise this way more than four times week but do walk daily if you can.
This won’t turn you into an Olympic standard athlete but it will improve your overall health and fitness and may just ignite something within you.

Go on, get up and give it a go!

If you have any serious medical condition please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.