Catch up time

I’ve not been up to posting here lately, but I have been taking photographs
so here’s a bit of a catch up…in no particular order

DSC02536Chick pea stew. I love chick peas, high in calcium and iron and delicious when sprouted.
Unfortunately they are one of the very few things which TB dislikes…he’s ok with hummus though

   DSC02548Sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, onions, cabbage on toast. I used to make this with tofu but
now use potato instead. I do miss tofu though

DSC02556My much used and very useful combination of mushrooms, onions, something green and chopped nuts.
A teaspoon of Marmite as it fries adds to the zing. Delicious, quick and highly nutritious

DSC02557Tagliatelle is one of my favourite types of pasta…
I always use egg free and the best tinned tomatoes I can find

DSC02560A quinoa bake…with cranberry sauce

DSC02618Rice noodle stir fry…we had this after one of
TB’s open water swimming sessions

DSC02626A Quorn (not vegan) and vegetable curry with cous cous. I steep my cous cous in
Marigold Bouillon or Kallo Organic stock. It makes a big difference to the end result.

DSC02627Alpro Hazelnut milk whizzed up with a banana is blooming gorgeous.
I added a couple of kiwi fruits to this one though and it wasn’t so good…no kiwi next time.

fritterA sweet potato fritter with Orzo pasta fancied up with mushrooms and leeks

green smoothieTwo apples, one banana and a good handful of baby spinach and
half a green pepper makes the best green smooooooothie

knuckleI don’t eat this stuff but this is the pork knuckle braised in beer I cooked for TB’s parents.
I prefer not to cook meat but I love my husband and I love his parents so this was a treat for them.
I will only buy free range organic meat.

pizzaPizza I made for the children…vegetarian but not vegan.
I keep the base simple. Flour, oil and water.

stewpAnother of my favourite easy vegetable soup/stew things!
I just chuck in whatever I find. So good with fresh wholemeal bread
and a glass of red

warm_potato_saladWarm potato salad…just ooooooh!

BeanA sprouted black eyed bean…tastes really sweet like pea pods, even when cooked.
It amazes me that a bean which has been in a jar on a shelf in my kitchen for a year
still knows what to be when it grows up

DSC00654Just yum

  DSC02532Vegetable curry, dahl, spiced cabbage and rice and peas (black eyed beans).
I seem to remember using a ready ground spice mix for this.
Useful to keep in the larder as it makes a curry very quick to make.