Lunch yesterday was a quickly assembled salad.

Mixed leaves, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, beetroot and orange. I always dribble (no drizzling here) the orange juice from the chopping board over the salad…it makes a great dressing with ground black pepper. Sometimes I sprinkle (see? I do sprinkling) a big handful of chick peas over this as well.

Again, dinner was skipped and I made an improvised ratatouille for supper. I had no courgettes and it was only simmered for about twenty minutes but it was still very good. I was little heavy handed with the cayenne though! I was short of time so stuck a bought naan under the grill for TB (not vegan as it contains milk). Not sure why I didn’t simply serve it with cous cous…that would have been a nicer combination and quicker than opening the naan packaging which was clearly designed to withstand nuclear fallout.