I couldn’t decide what to cook for dinner so I rustled up this petite feast.
Food like this allows me to have something of a sparkly nature to mark the completion of radiotherapy!


Clockwise from top: Watercress, rocket and baby spinach salad, tomatoes, black olives and capers, olive ciabatta,
coleslaw dressed with salt, pepper and lemon juice, sauted poatoes, onions, mushrooms and curly kale.


It was lovely…filling but not stuffing!

Best organic product? I think so


I would love to buy only organic as I think is has to be a better option, right?
However, usually I can taste very little difference and as the price is often prohibitive for me I only buy it when the price is as close to non-organic as possible…with one exception:

These are worth whatever they cost…currently 89p a tin

Here they are in action…

I’ve gone off penne and have fusilli in the wings so the next pasta dish will look different
although it will still have smoked paprika in it!

I hope you’re all enjoying coffee in aid of Macmillan’s Coffee Morning today.