Tempura and Chips

Sometimes I crave chips and I like to have either just a bowl of chips or chips and tempura. Last night I went for the tempura option…mushrooms, aubergine, courgettes, asparagus, cauliflower and onion rings dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. Naughty but every now and then it’s oh so nice. I find tempura a good option as it doesn’t need to totally coat the vegetables and doesn’t fill up with oil.

Here are some chips I made earlier…last night’s were eaten before I could get a photograph…sorry!

Interestingly, I had previously char grilled the same vegetables (minus the cauliflower) along with red peppers and my husband’s 12 year old daughter wouldn’t touch them; his 8 year old son loved them. We had them in wraps with finely sliced spring onions, lettuce and egg free mayo. Once they were battered and fried she ate the lot, declaring how great they were.

The past few days have been really good (the chemotherapy treatment I’m having often shoos these away but it’ll all get better) and I have spent most of my time in the kitchen. I was able to shop in store (wowsers!) rather than online which meant I could choose vast amounts of vegetables and fruit. It was only Tesco but it was good to select each individual onion, carrot, leek, aubergine etc.

Having spent a couple of hours visiting the nearby farm shops, I’ve realised my local Tesco has more local produce.
Crazy, huh?