“Low” Carb

There is much recent negativity in the media about “Low” carb diets and quite rightly so and quite wrongly so!

An initially ultra-low carb diet does indeed lead to weight loss but has to be managed very carefully and is not sustainable. Carbs need to be increased to bring the daily level back to a sensible amount and nine times out of ten this is lower, much lower than a person’s original starting point. Many people call themselves low-carbers when really, in these times of excess, they are sensible carbers.  It is the wording which is wrong, not the diet.

It’s true a long term ultra-low carb intake (below 25g a day) is damaging and it shocks me how many people simply drop the carbs and often, also increase the meat and cheese.  This is not the way to do it. A vegetarian client found he was eating more vegetables when he reduced his carbs…more vegetables is never a bad thing!

So yes, “Low Carb” can be damaging but those of you who adhere to “Sensible Carb” should not be discouraged.

Now, Carb Loading, that’s a whole different ball game.

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