Dolmio et al

Whilst I am very happy that Mars Foods are planning to give advice on their website not to eat their sauces more than once a week (or some such wording), it saddens me that this is necessary. I understand they will use “occasional” and “every day”, though no processed food should be consumed every day.

Some years ago I tried a Dolmio pasta sauce and found it to be inedible because it was too sweet and far from authentic.

I do wonder who will checking their website, though. I doubt it will be those who would benefit from the advice.

Also in the press today, news that record numbers of children are losing teeth to decay caused by excess sugar. I heard some mothers on the radio saying their children like sweets and sweet drinks and that a bottle of coke is cheaper than a bottle of water. Yet a bottle of tap water is cheaper still!

That sugar is being consumed in amounts which rot teeth makes me shudder to think how much other damage it is doing to these children. A diet high in sugar leads to a very high risk of obesity, many cancers, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, dementia, diabetes type 2, circulatory problems, failing eyesight, loss of limbs. Also, mood swings, depression, confusion, aggression, irritabilty. No wonder  the World Health Organisation consider it on a par with alcohol and smoking.

On the subject of sugar, there’s a list of its many guises here.

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