You may have seen quite a few articles in the press recently about the cholesterol lowering qualities of walnuts. Well, it is true. They are very good all round.

  • Cholesterol lowering
  • Good bacteria promoting
  • High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Low on the Glycaemic Index
  • Blooming delicious

But walnuts can be vile. Remember the stale, rubbery thing on top of a Walnut Whip? Yuk! They need to be as fresh as possible and I have found one particular brand which is great and cheap, too…Asda Good & Balanced. The whole range is excellent but do beware…if you pick them up in the fruit and vegetable aisles they are more expensive than those in the baking aisle.


I have four to eight walnut halves a day, usually as a nibble while the kettle boils. I keep them in a jar close by.

Incidentally, checking my food diary for yesterday, I had seven portions of fruit and vegetables with no fretting! You’d be surprised how easily healthy eating becomes the norm.

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