Cancer free and catch up

Yes yes yes, people…I have been told I am cancer free. I didn’t realise how much I’d put everything on hold over the last couple of years but now I have a further forty years to fill so let’s get back on track and keep things up to date. This post is a bit lacking in detail and for that I do apologise. Henceforth I shall do better!

fr_156_size880  fr_76_size880

I had a bit of craze for fried/grilled halloumi. I was using it as a replacement for tofu.
On the left with a peppery salad and on the right with stir fried spiralized courgette, kurly kale, mushrooms and tomatoes…also with pan fried loin of pork for my toyboy husband, who has since decided not to eat meat.


I tried Jamie Oliver’s roast celeriac. It is brilliant but you do have to be a serious lover of the stuff as roasting it intensifies the flavour beyond your wildest imaginings.


I used Oatly oat cream to make a mushroom sauce. It all looks good on the plate, don’t you think?
But really, it was too strong for us.


On the left a simple and very quick vegetable curry and another similar on the right

2 thoughts on “Cancer free and catch up

  1. TB’s not eating meat!! Wow, how long has this been going on for.? My Lovely Hubby would never give up meat, I doubt even if it were ME or meat!! 😦

    1. Hi Sue, He decided in January he would try plant based as many athletes perform better when meat free (he’s a triathlete when time allows!) so it’s not for moral or even especially health reasons although he does agree it is a healthier way too eat. He’s not felt any benefit yet but then we’ve been so busy we’ve not been eating brilliantly.

      A previous husband was a staunch meat eater, said man could not live without it. For a long while he didn’t notice that his meals were meat free and it was he who suggested we go vegan.

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