La la lasagne!

I love love love lasagne



In the bottom of the dish is a layer of veggie mince, onions, mushrooms, garlic, pepper, a little salt and a teaspoon of Marmite.
Then a layer of fresh lasagne which is spread with mashed sweet potato then covered with fried spinach and red onions.
Then another layer of pasta and a tin of whizzed up tinned tomatoes is poured slowly over the whole thing.
whack it in the over for 40 minutes or so on Gas Mark 6-ish and there you go.
Torn pieces of mozzarella on the top before going in the oven is pretty darn good, too.


I make pizza bases using white flour, olive oil and water. This one is topped with chopped tinned tomatoes, sliced fresh tomato, Quorn Chorizo (tangier than the Quorn Pepperoni) partly fried mushrooms and onions and torn mozzarella.

Photo 20-06-2014 07 00 51 pm

Ciabatta filled with salad and grilled halloumi.

There’s a lot of vegetarian eating going on here as I cook for my husband and his children.
My husband rarely eats meat and the children who are here every other weekend eat meat…but not when they’re here
and no-one misses it. Good, huh?

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