Baked potatoes, old phone and new page

Not the best of photographs of last night’s dinner, the framing isn’t too good.
Baked potatoes filled with mushrooms and onion and served with a salad…nothing fancy, just a little salt and pepper.
Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple.

I use the camera on my old Sony Ericsson K800i phone as the lens is excellent and it has more features than newer phones. I also like how quick and easy it is to Bluetooth the pictures to my laptop. But if anyone can recommend a small camera which takes sharp pictures and has bluetooth then I shall take a look as this old phone won’t last forever. Of course I could just buy a replacement from Ebay in readiness.

I’ve added a new Stuff page…

Cancelled chemo so butternut squash :o)

As yesterday’s chemotherapy was rescheduled the planned beans on toast was replaced with better fare…not that there’s much wrong with beans on toast when it’s what you fancy.

Breakfast was fruit salad (ripe peaches and plums from Waitrose…well worth the extra money as those ripen at home ones should be renamed “Take home and throw away when you miss the 15 minutes of ripeness before total melt down”) followed by toast and marmalade/Marmite. Lunch was salad filled salt and pepper bread from Tesco.

Dinner was scrumptious…

Here, being prepped. I’ve tossed potatoes and sweet potatoes in rapeseed oil, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and turmeric ready for roasting on the shelf below the butternut squash. The squash was roasted empty for about half an hour then filled with cooked quinoa which I had fried with mushrooms, spring onions, seasoning and Marmite and roasted for another ten minutes. I put very thin slices (I use a potato peeler) of cheddar over TB’s, which melted and browned rather wonderfully. All served with steamed broccoli and steamed leeks and onion gravy.

When roasted like this the quinoa gets a lovely crunchy crust.
It works especially well plonked on top of a portabella mushroom and whacked in the oven.