White blood cell boosters…kaboom!

With my first chemotherapy drug I was given daily injections to boost my white blood cell count. As I’m now on a different chemotherapy drug I don’t get these unless I desperately need them. I’d rather not wait until that situation arises so am doing what I can to boost the levels through diet. To this end I am increasing the amount of beta-carotene in my diet with more yellow, red and leafy dark green vegetables…not something I was lacking in but more can be no bad thing. Also I am avoiding sugar, of which there’s very little in my diet as I really do not have a sweet tooth.

So lunch today was a (microwaved) baked potato with (microwaved) Sweet Potato Puree with lashings of dairy and soya free spread (I like Vitalite or Pure) and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. I dressed the salad on the plate with lemon juice and black pepper…it’s lovely and good if you don’t like oily dressings, which TB doesn’t.

Other foods which may help boost white blood cells are garlic (in such large amounts that it’s best roasted unpeeled so as not to suffocate any one within a two mile radius) and haricot beans.

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